Friday, April 30, 2010

Walking Proof

Here is a video of Sophia walking around the house. It was shot on Tuesday. She actually is walking even more now. As you will notice in the video, she is having a little trouble keeping her pants up. She has no hips, butt, or anything to hold them up so we usually stick to leggings. Today she's actually wearing a pair of shorts that are 3-6 months! They fit this 16 month old perfectly! We are a bit worried that all this walking (sometimes running) will cause her to lose weight. I guess we'll have to butter the peanut butter and jelly sandwiches and add a side of cinnamon roll.

If you think of me this weekend, pray for my time with my small group girls! - and maybe for David at home with the kids all weekend too! I know God will show up. He always does.

Thursday, April 29, 2010

Life Continues...

It has been too long since I reported in! It seems that when you receive a baby and home-life becomes crazier, the rest of life should be put on hold, right? Nope. Life keeps happening.

One of those involvements over the past 9 years has been with a high school girls' small group from my church. Every spring, my co-leader and I host a small group retreat. This is such a fun retreat where we all grow closer to each other and to Jesus. It also creates a bit of busyness that is mildly complicated by the wonderful presence of a 1 year old! The retreat is this weekend, so I am really feeling the rush and demands of my regular old life. It doesn't slow down!

Sophia has lost her plastic nose place holder thingy. It came out a week ago. The stages were kind of funny to watch. First, it just started to descend a little at a time until it was almost touching her lip. She looked funny, but didn't seem to notice its presence.

Next, last Wednesday, one of the sides popped out. At first, this didn't seem to bother her either, but that afternoon she woke up from her nap very crabby. She kept brushing her hand against her nose (which she never does if she can help it.) She was so irritated by it that she allowed me to give it a slight tug and out it came!

The hole seems mostly closed at this point, but the healing continues. Slowly but surely her upper lip is returning to normal!

Sophia is walking all over the place these days. She prefers walking to crawling and is adorable doing it! Her arms are outstretched and often she's jabbering and drooling away! She is ridiculously fond of peanut butter and jelly sandwiches and can eat a whole one! She's a huge fan of this little puppy in the picture and hugs it and gives it love with such enthusiasm, all the while making her very own "woof, woof" sound (mostly just an "F" sound.) She continues to enjoy the trampoline and the outdoors in general. Today, she was introduced to the Little Tykes sedan. She and her puppy loved it and didn't want to get out...until, of course, a ride on the trampoline was offered.

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Broken Glass

I got the opportunity to go to a morning writing seminar today! As I like to write, this was a treat. Thank you, Cheri, for hanging with Sophia.

One of the activities in the seminar was to write a story in 6 1/2 minutes that happened in the past six days... Here is what I wrote: This happened yesterday!

I was scurrying around the kitchen, hoping to get the dishwasher unloaded before Sophia began to fuss. On my tip toes, I shoved my favorite baking dish and its lid on the top shelf of the cupboard on top of another dish and moved along to the next rack. About 2 minutes later, in a flash of sound, the dish and its cover reappeared in my life with a CRASH and shatter as pieces that looked like thousands of tiny (and not so tiny) diamonds flew everywhere – really everywhere! Kitchen, hallway, stairs, entryway, dining room, even under the piano in the living room! How did pieces get all the way in there?

So often, I work in the kitchen with Sophia at my feet, often standing right there at the dishwasher playing with the silverware. Miraculously, this time, she was in the next room! Not for long though…wanting to investigate the ridiculously loud distraction, she came crawling intently through the debris, so I swooped her immediately up, shook off the glass, and took her to her crib to wait out the extensive and potentially painful cleanup process!

To wailing in the background, I began…there was glass in the cupboard, in the sink, in the dishwasher, in the silverware tray, on the counter, under the rug, on the hardwood, on the carpet, and everywhere it could possibly find a way. I shook rugs, swept, and vacuumed, all to the accompaniment the confused cries. Finally, after 35 minutes, I was done – and so was Sophia – actually, she was done at the beginning!

Monday, April 19, 2010

Another Visit to Dr. Sadove

We had a another follow up visit today with our lovely surgeon. He thinks all is well.

Sophia's little plastic nose place holder is coming out (I wish I had a good close-up photo for you! Maybe tomorrow!) This was put in at the time of surgery and should come out sometime on it's own. The good doctor said that it is actually kept in with a stitch. So, that is why it isn't coming all the way out! It looks like it will soon, but that stitch needs to deteriorate or get snipped.

So, we are hoping it will take care of itself. If it doesn't, the current plan is to do a quick 15 minute snip in a month. This will require anestheasia (BOO) but a pretty mild dose. I am not sure I can handle a whole month of it hanging there... It looks a little funny, and Sophia doesn't seem too comfortable with it either.

This is mild compared to a hole in her lip or a 104 degree fever, but it is what it is and where we are at today...a plastic place holder! The saga continues!

I need my bed!

Saturday, April 17, 2010

Sophia's Trampoline Fun

The hole in Sophia's lip still seems to be closing. She officially cut her front two top teeth this past week. Her hearing seems normal (she was tested this past week.) And she has discovered the joys of the trampoline.

Now, this new trampoline was a birthday gift for Lauren and Marcus from us and from the grandparents. We knew they would love it, and they have not disappointed us! Lauren has been practicing her gymnastics, and Marcus has been entertaining every friend on our street on his trampoline.

Sophia is just as enamored with it as her siblings. And she expresses herself with squeals of delight as I try to not worry that she's going to smack her lip... here's the footage I captured this morning:

Monday, April 12, 2010

Sweet Springtime

I am sitting on my deck looking out over my baby leaves and green, green grass breathing the most amazing spring air. Oh, and birds are tweeting, I have coffee (french vanilla, I love you!), and a coconut chocolate chip cookie from Paradise Bakery (these are amazing, and Vicki knows about my love affair with them and enables me. Thanks Vicki! How do they make them so good?) It is good to sit quietly while a 1 year old naps!

We have had such a fun week! Spring break felt a little more like summer break at times as we had a lot of 70 degree days! That meant a lot of time outside breaking in the new trampoline (birthday gift that I think will keep on giving). We also had the fabulous Zellmann grandparents in for the weekend. Everyone enjoyed this and Lauren, was thrilled (understatement) by the surprise stow aways, Helen and Claire Hale (cousins from Wisconsin).

Sophia has been very busy as well. She has also been enjoying the outside and seems to like everything we introduce...except the second half of the run I took her on last night. For the first 15 minutes she was completely enjoying the novelty of the stroller - talking and laughing and waving at her brother and sister who were on their bikes. Then, she decided it was time to be done. Well, we were, at best, 10 minutes from home. I hope the nice folks in that lovely neighborhood didn't mind the screaming baby in the red stroller. I know I didn't care for it much and sprinting with a stroller wasn't my favorite either. "We're almost home baby!...pant, pant...The itsy-bitsy spider...pant, pant...just a couple more minutes...pant, pant...look at the puppy dog!...pant, pant..." all to the tune of "WAAA, WAAA, WAAAA!" The kids rode on ahead. I think they might have been embarrassed.

Sophia is really walking a lot these days. She even likes to stand up on the trampoline (scary). She loves to bounce, but hasn't mastered the stand and bounce yet. Her lip does seem to be healing slow but sure. We won't see Dr. Sadove until next Monday, but it looks a teeny-tiny bit better every day. Although Sophia did warm up to her grandparents and cousins rather well, she has been pretty needy for me these past few days and hasn't slept well. This, of course, hasn't been my favorite either, but yesterday Marcus said, "maybe she's getting another tooth, Mom." Well, I dismissed it at the time because what does a 7 year old know about these things, right? but this morning, I think I may have spotted something trying to come through on top! We'll see. It also may be my imagination.

I was thinking at the beginning of my time on the deck about the past months. Really, I've never had a time in my otherwise very cushy life that has had as many struggles and stresses. Or perhaps as much joy and pain. Adoption is amazing and trying at the same time. Kind of like a 1 year old in general. I don't think I'm particularly good at 1 year old parenting either. But as I read in the Bible this morning, "To learn, you must love discipline; it is stupid to hate correction." I am so often stupid in this way! Not that I'm being punished with difficult or stressful things, but I have been very aware through this that difficult things are like discipline and they train me. How I respond or react to challenges reveal where I need correcting. It is good. I want to never stop learning even though I sometimes hate the process! As I said at the beginning, it is good to sit quietly while a 1 year old naps!

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Happy Easter Happy Spring!

So much has happened this past week. A week ago, we found a hole in Sophia's face that was supposed to be stitched shut. The roller coaster of my life hit a low spot and I was so very anxious. After talking to the Doc and thinking for a couple days, we started back up the hill.

Now, I really think the hole in her face will close. It hasn't yet, but it does seem to be getting smaller. She still looks pretty messy, but it gets a tiny bit better by the day. The doctor saw us again on Monday and was pleased with Sophia's progress. He did admit that my alarm over the hole was not an over reaction and that he was actually puzzled over the fever too. We will see him again in 12 days. Lately, she has had a couple of really happy days. What a fun baby she is!

Spring break has been going great at the Roux house. Easter service at Grace Community Church was amazing. Lots of people placed their faith in Jesus for the first time and worshiping with 1500 people was wonderful. He is mighty to save.

The kids got a trampoline for their 2010 birthdays, so that has been a huge hit. Lauren actually turned 10 on Easter. We've had 80 degrees a couple days in a row, the grass is green, and we're in the middle of a good thunderstorm - we didn't even have to leave Indiana.

We've also had a good friend Neil Downy in town for a conference, so there's been a lot of staying up late and talking. Neil and his wife Jenny knew David and I before we knew each other back in college.

Tomorrow, my parents will be arriving for supper! Very exciting. The kids have been talking about it all week. The funny thing is, they don't even know the half of it - my mom and dad are bringing their cousins, Helen, Claire, and Edward Hale, along with them. We are not going to tell them until they arrive! I will try to capture that moment on film... should be fun!

Friday, April 2, 2010

Trusting and Hoping

The trickiest part of the last 48 hours has been coming to terms with the fact that we can't do anything but watch and wait. We are not in control. We cannot heal. We cannot know. We can only pray and trust and hope. I am more of a doer usually. And, as a woman, I am especially fond of control (Eve). Can any of you relate? This is, yet again, an excellent exercise in surrender. Thanks, I guess.

So, today was tiring as it was the first day of spring break and everyone was home. And I mean everyone. At one point there were 12 children on our property. I only have 3. There was a water fight, a nerf gun battle, and egg dying on the deck. It was 80 degrees! That felt fantastic. Things were busy, Sophia was needy, and I, of course, was her necessary prop. As usual, as the day wore on, she got happier and happier. She loves the evenings. So tonight, I decided to capture some action in the pink and white sleeper:

Here is the girl working on getting to know some of her grandparents. My mom and dad are coming down in a week, and I thought they should get acquainted, so their picture has been moved to Sophia height on the fridge. She usually points at the picture when I say, "where's Grandpa and Grandma?" Then, out of no where, she threw some letters around and this is what she came up with! She's brilliant. I tell you, we're starting calculus as soon as her lip heals.

Sophia was extremely affectionate today too. Sometimes, when I ask her for a kiss, she'll give me the customary baby kiss/lick. Sometimes she just looks the other way, like, "Nope. Not today, Mom." Well, today she was trying to kiss me all the time! It was very cute and very wet. This evening after a particularly wet kiss, she wiped my face off for me. I could hardly stop laughing.

As I wiped up some diet coke I spilled this afternoon, I noticed that she was doing the same! She was imitating the exact motion on her hands and knees next to me. This photo is staged, but I spilled some water on the ground again and started wiping and she jumped right in again. So cute. Man, I love this little girl.

Thursday, April 1, 2010

A Starbucks Rendezvous With A Plastic Surgeon

Dr. Sadove is sublimely kind. To ease my anxious heart, he suggested I come and see him for a moment in the hospital Starbucks (yes, this was one swanky hospital - only in Carmel, IN or maybe Beverly Hills). Not really a check up, but more of a see-if-we-need-a-check-up meeting. So, Sophia and I went to the Starbucks, looked at some books (as you should always do when in a coffee shop,) and met up with the good Doctor.

He wasn't worried about the hole in her above the lip area near as much as I thought he would be and said he thought it would come together in a couple of weeks. Phew! Now, I must say, Dr. Sadove is the most laid back, chill doctor I have ever met, so I wasn't entirely surprised. I do trust him very much as a doctor though, and I'm sure he would never give me false hope. So, we wait and keep cleaning it and hopefully get to watch God do His thing as He knits flesh with flesh over the next couple of weeks.

On a side note, baking gingersnaps is an excellent way to cope with stress. Lucky kids coming home from school! Spring Break is here, and I guess we are celebrating with hot gingersnaps! Wonderful. Keep praying for healing.

Praying Friends, We need your help!

Just when we thought things were settling down, we have another concern. Could you please pray for supernatural healing for our Sophia's lip? As of last night we discovered that this one area beneath the right side of her nose is not knitting together like we thought. When we got some of the dried blood off, there is hole there that wasn't there after surgery.

The doctor says there is nothing to be done right now. It may close on it's own or it may not, but we can't take care of it for 6 months or so either way. We will see him on Monday, and he'll be able to make a better assessment then.

In the mean time, could you pray that God would do two things: Heal, heal, heal! and calm my heart. I'm anxious and sad. I just long for normal again. Thank you for praying.