Thursday, June 17, 2010

Summer Fun

Our life is so full now, but full of such fun things that I must tell you about them! Yesterday I met some friends and their kids for some time in the park at a spray ground. The water was nice as it has been toasty in Indiana. Sophia would stand near the holes in the cement that periodically spout water just minding her own business. Then the water would spurt into the air all old faithful like and she'd cover her head and look offended. It was very cute actually. Poor kid, at least 5 other mommies were getting a laugh out of how adorable this routine was. She eventually became accustomed to the ordeal and enjoyed it almost as much as the spectators.

After an hour of playing in the park, the adjoining creek was discovered. We've had a plethora of rain lately so all the creeks and rivers are running fast and full. How fun was this! I tried hard not to think of the snakes that could be slithering in and out of the stream. The kids loved exploring the banks and islands and "rapids." Sophia desperately wanted to be in with the big kids, but this picture shows how close she got.

Over the past week I've been collecting some video to share. Here's a sampling of a very giggly girl! Her laugh is catchy!

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