Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Grandma and Grandpa Roux In Town

This past weekend was full of fun. One of my students from Summer Project a couple of years back got married here in Indy. The whole family traveled that summer with SWERVE and loved Lindsey. It was very fun to celebrate with her and Cody as they started their lives together! Here's the family all gussied up...

We also had our street over for a cookout. We have fantastic neighbors.

I have been meaning to include some video of some current Sophia action for a while. Here we have two different episodes in one video. First we have Sophia imitating our Summer Project vocalists. She watched enough rehearsals to know what a microphone is and how she would use it. She also is working on her stage presence and gestures. She even makes very cute use of a prop on this living room stage. You'll see a special appearance by "Blanket" and "Plastic Bacon".

The second part of this clip is one crazy morning of randomness. We weren't sure what was going on, but Sophia had a need to move and groove and laugh and talk. You'll see a little of what we see all the time in our sweet Sophia personality. What a fun kid!

Also, David's folks are in town. It's great having them. Today, Fran, the kids, and I took in Sahm's Park Pool for some relief from the 90 degrees. Fran even went down the crazy tube waterslide (after much coaxing by Lauren). Tomorrow, after Marcus' football camp (he's in heaven), we might take in the Children's Museum or shoot B.B. guns. We'll see who wins!

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